Our Approach

TYMSNOW is a lifestyle management company that provides families with access to tools, resources, and opportunities to improve their quality of life.

Our Story

TYMSNOW Inc. has developed an end-to-end family building system that rebuilds families from the inside out.

This system is called FamilyTYMS or Family Total Year-Round Management Solutions. It is designed to help families manage their lives in every area.

FamilyTYMS is unique in it focuses on strengthening families by empowering Heads of Households (HoHs) in 8 different areas.


Meet the founder and Creator James A. Smith Jr.

Mr. Smith  has been married for over 20 years, has 4 children and 4 grandchildren. Mr. Smith’s strong Christian upbringing has given him a passion for families. This has led Mr. Smith in creating FamilyTYMS, a holistic Eco-system that uses propriety solutions to strengthen families from the inside out.


James A. Smith Jr.

Founder & CEO

With over 30 years in the Information Technology (IT) field, Mr. Smith learned to use organization’s goals, objectives, skills, talents, unique knowledge, best business practices, and technology to provide strategic road maps to meet the goals and objectives of the organizations he works for.

Mr. Smith’s understanding of how to help organizations share resources has led him to developing holistic solutions that allow communities to maximize the resources within them. His all-encompassing solutions provide strategic road maps communities need to repair themselves from the inside out.

To create this community building solution Mr. Smith has gathered top professionals and companies with unique skills, and the passion to help him in this endeavor. These individuals have worked in the community for many years providing important services.

Next Steps....

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