We are excited to introduce C.O.R.E (Creating Opportunities and Relationships for Everyone). C.O.R.E is our key initiative to rebuild our community from the inside out.

C.O.R.E is a Service Oriented Ministry model for everyone (S.O.M.E). C.O.R.E focuses on servanthood, where everyone uses their God-given gifts to serve or help one another. First starting with your family, then your community.

We are looking for Individuals or organizations who want to make money while making a difference.

Creating economic opportunities is a major part of helping families to create sustainable self-sufficient environments. We at FamilyTYMS have created economic opportunities for everyone.

Our Workforce opportunities are designed with the flexibility to meet any family’s goals. You can work for yourself or work with someone you trust. We put the power for you to get wealth back in your hands.

We are creating opportunities in many areas of family life. Some of these areas are health, education, technology, sales, counseling, and many of the service industries.

Currently, we are looking to hire in 3 different areas.

FamilyTYMS Family Life Consultants – Individuals who want to make money while making a difference by working with families to help them meet their goals.

FamilyTYMS Agencies – Individuals or Organizations who want to become the center of community life by managing families and FamilyTYMS Family Life Consultants

FamilyTYMS Partners – Individuals or Organizations that have a product or service families can benefit from and want to partner with FamilyTYMS to support and create healthy families from the inside out.