Our Approach

Our Family Life Consultants or FLCs are trained to help families solve their most difficult challenge. By walking alongside Heads of Households or HoHs, our  FLCs become a trusted source to those who are responsible for the care and well-being of their families. 

Our Story

TYMSNOW LLC or Total Year-Round Management Systems Networking Worldwide has developed an end-to-end family building system that rebuilds families from the inside out.

This system is called FamilyTYMS or Family Total Year-Round Management Solutions. It is designed to help families manage their lives in every area.

FamilyTYMS is an empowerment network for families owned and operated by TYMSNOW.

Meet Our FamilyTYMS Faculty

Building Strong Families From the Inside Out
“People Are Our Wealth”.



James Smith Jr.


FamilyTYMS faculty


James A Smith Jr. is a life coach train by Certified Life Coaching institute of Orange County, CA in 2019. James has been in the IT industry for over 30 years developing solutions for many government and community organizations.

James’ passion is to see families strong and whole again, has led him to create a community building process called TYMSNOW. TYMSNOW focuses on providing management solutions to families and community organizations across the world. James this passion also led him to create an end to end family empowerment process called FamilyTYMS. FamilyTYMS Focus on helping families manage the resources available to them.


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