Our Family Life Coaching Training Program

Our Family Life Coaching training program consists of a propriety combination of life coaching and mentoring training. Our program focuses on preparing FLCs to help families solve their most challenging problems. Our FLC training program is offered both virtually and in-person classes. A perspective FLC can take the training either in-person at one of our training locations or virtually over live on-demand sessions. We offer two tiers of Certification to perspective FLCs, FamilyTYMS Basic FLCs, and FamilyTYMS Master FLCs..

FamilyTYMS Basic FLC – Cost: $4995.

Our Family Life Certification program focuses on life coaching and is a 60-hour program designed to meet the International Coaching Federation or ICF ACSTH program requirements. Our six-month training program involves 60 hours of experiential face-to-face and virtual learning, using quality materials and led by excellent, experienced coaches and trainers. The other major component of the training is mentor coaching, which helps new coaches hone their coaching skills.

—  Couching Foundations – 32 hours

—  Mentoring Sessions      – 22 hours

—  CKA training                  – 16 hours 

—  Total Program hours     – 60 hours 



FamilyTYMS Master FLC – Cost: $2000

Our FamilyTYMS Master FLC Certification focuses on consulting by providing students with solutions to clients. Our Master certification program is a 100 hour self-paced program. Our Master trains students on how to become a next-level consultant to families. Students can choose one of 10 key areas of family life. This training is offered over 12 2-hour workshops for each key area with a 1-day workshop for consultant training, 32 hours of live coaching training and mentoring, and 32 hours virtual mentoring. This training shows students how to look for and key resources within the families’ reach to provide the solutions and roadmaps needed to fix their most challenging problems.

—  Life Coaching Workshops                  – 24 hours

—  FamilyTYMS Consultant Workshop  – 8 hours

—  Building Lasting Relationships         – 32 hours

—  Advanced Life Coaching Mentoring – 40 hours 

—  Total Program hours     – 104 hours 

* FamilyTYMS Basic Certification is a pre-requisite to taking this curriculum.

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