Front Runner – Become the Leader

Bruce Smith Show You How To Become The Leader The World Needs

Effective leadership is a product of selflessness and sacrifice. I wrote this book to help leaders become better. Where you are just starting your journey, or you be on this course for a decade or more, after reading the Frontrunner, you’ll become a more effective manager—and leader, Guaranteed! The Frontrunner’s leadership strategies explore research areas and practical skills that encompass an individual, group, or organization’s ability to “lead,” influence, or guide other individuals, teams, or entire organizations. Strong leadership skills will help you build confidence, influence cultures, and critical decisions. Frontrunner will help you improve as a leader, train others and increase leadership impact throughout your community. Frontrunner 365 provides feedback and insight on the fortes and positive aspects of the leader’s actions and styles.

This book is also a great resource and valuable complement to our Frontrunner 365 Executive and Business Seminars. They are customized to connect with people and achieve collaborative goals. Frontrunner 365 will accelerate your leadership goals, emotional intelligence and help you build a thriving organization. The Frontrunner materials ensure those strengths are explored and mastered, building a well-rounded and effective mentor to those surrounding them in the workplace.

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