Mr. James A. Smith Jr

Sr. Family Life Consultant

James A Smith Jr is the founder/ CEO of FamilyTYMS PLLC. FamilyTYMS is a life building organization that provides tools, strategy, and resources to help families manage their lives. James has one of the best. Track records in this industry. Helping families successfully manage their lives. James is a certified professional life coach who has worked with families successfully for over 35 years.

James usually charges thousands of dollars to work with clients to change their lives; but understanding the challenges many families face today; James designed the FamilyTYMS flagship program to use the same training and method for a fraction of the cost!

Register Now, if you want to help family solve their hardest problems, or if you need help With some of the most difficult problems families face today.

Whether you are just starting out or have been  your family’s manager for over five years or more, FamilyTYMS can help you manage and overcome the challenges your family faces – Satisfaction Guaranteed!